A Pom is a Bundle of Pure Love,

Precious Gift Wrapped in Fur.

About Us

PomeranianPups.org adores animals and enjoys people. We home raise our pom puppies, which make a difference due to early socialization and interaction with people and other animals. Our puppies will bring happiness to your life for many years. Many colors to choose from including, merle poms, parti colored poms, piebald parti poms, chocolate poms, black and tan poms, black and silver poms, white poms, wolf sable poms, and the traditional Pomeranian colors such as orange, black and red. We occasional have what people refer to as ‘teacup Pomeranian for sale. We do not breed as business, We do it as result of too much love we have for the puppies that’s why you will never see our price with other breeders. We Guarantee our puppies to be in good health at the time of sale, free from any life threatening congenital defects/infectious disease (ie: Heart, Kidney, Lung failure, Parvo,etc.). Everything possible has been done to keep each and every puppy/dog healthy and happy on our premises.

Our Health Guarantee

We take pride in the fact that our relationship with you does not end when you take home a puppy from us. As puppy lovers ourselves, we'd like to believe nothing can ever go wrong with our puppies.

AKC Collaboration

PomeranianPups.org is dedicated to promoting the health and well-being of all pups, and as a part of that commitment, we are proudly authorized by the American Kennel Club (AKC) to provide each of our puppy with a special AKC registration

Dog Travel

We understand traveling can be scary for first-timers, whether they walk on two legs or four! PomeranianPups.org and travel partners always put the health and wellbeing of your puppy first, making sure he or she arrives safely and as quickly as possible.

Tan Phan

This is our very first dog together after 17 years of marriage. PomeranianPups.org made it all so easy. I fell in love with Vader online and once we made the decision to have him join our family...everything was seamless. He must have come from a very loving family. He is healthy, sweet, and well mannered. We couldn’t have found a better puppy. Thank you!!!

Tan Phan


I have to say, I was a little skeptical and nervous about buying a puppy on line but PomeranianPups.org delivered. Not only are they the real deal but our puppy is perfect!! She is completely healthy and has passed all vet checks. The breeders did such a great job. She is loving, cuddly and so playful. We are madly in love with our newest addition to the family.



Lilly and Teddy are getting along well.  Teddy was all concerned when we were at the vet’s.  It was so cute how he looked at me when they took her to get weighed.  He kept his eye on the door until she came back in.  Around the house, they take turns chasing each other and when walking outside on the leash, they are shoulder to shoulder.  Wish I could get a video of it.  It is adorable.  Haha…I think he is smitten with her. Take care and I will be in touch



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